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It’s been a day of coffee and art, art and coffee. I thought outloud just a little while ago that I didn’t really accomplish anything artsy today but then I started scanning everything I didn’t get done today and realized I did get some art done today after all. I made three aceo cards,coffee aceo finished my Christmas Tree Tags set of 12 and made a cut pouch from recycled paper for them to be stored in and I hand cut a stamp and pulled two prints!! I hand colored them on textured paper and they turned out really awesome! Tonight I’ll prepare for more prints of my whimsical Christmas trees and pull them tomorrow. I love pulling prints! I also made homemade from scratch soup. It turned out really good. I’ve been listening to music I would have grooved to on my Ktel albums today. Songs like…Time by Alan Parson’s Project, Easy by Lionel Ritchie, Baby Come To Me by James Ingram and Shinning Star by The Manhattans. Oh my gosh, I love music so much. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times there’s nothing much more personal than music and food and when someone shares one or the other or both with you then you know you are special!

It’s another one of those peaceful easy evenings. Music, incense, family and soon food. Now I wish I had made bread today. A piece of homemade bread saturated in butter spray and toasted up in the cast iron skillet with coffee would be so good tonight for a snack but I guess popcorn will do. Popcorn will always do! I love love love popcorn! I love toast second to popcorn. Lately I’ve been using wheat pita for all my bread needs even toast! 101_7635It’s really good and seasons up so well! A pita is so versatile… it can be a pita pocket or pull apart and used for pita pizza covered in delicious veggies and hot peppers, it can be transformed into a panini or a tufu sandwich or stuffed with a veggie burger or veggie chicken or toasted and crumbled over a salad or baked potato! It can be turned into pita chips seasoned to extremely hot (as if there was such a thing) and dipped in hummus…yum! Ok, I think it must be getting on toward dinner time and tv time…Grimm comes on tonight! and lino cutting time and jigsaw working time and bedtime and then a brand new wonderful day full of potential and love and music and food and family and good stuff! Life is good! I hope you can come on back tomorrow! I think I’m going to make cookies or bread or both! Much Peace Love Art~


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  1. shandryss says:

    Reblogged this on Sparkling Shoes Girl and commented:
    I agree!

    1. dawn says:

      Thanks for sharing the hippie love!! Much Peace Love Art ~

      1. shandryss says:

        You Welcome!

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