A Peaceful Easy Feeling…Life is Good…


It’s been a crazy busy day! Up early, made breakfast for my family after I meditated and worked on art for a little while and I mean little while, because we had to have an earlier breakfast. So, I cooked, did the dishes and then went to help Wayne build an handicap ramp he started yesterday with Sky who’s been replaced by me lol.  I don’t think its handicap at all. I think and I’m serious about this! It’s handicapable because they keep on keeping on and make it work!! My brother uses a wheelchair and he’s strong and determined and lives his life freely and happily. Off my soap box…so sorry…anyway, we worked and finished up around 1pm so I made lunch for my family and did the dishes and then we went to to the Market (Food Lion) where I bought among the fresh fruits and veggies…say it with me…COFFEE! I bought two…Folger’s Gourmet Caramel Drizzle and of course, Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen Cafe Au Chocolat…drinking Barnie’s right now. Ok, home, put everything away, cleaned the bathroom, started the laundry (there’s two loads), Then just chilled with Wayne…now I’ve got that peaceful easy feeling as the night has set in, a chill is in the air, the incense is burning, the lights are on low and good music playing Carol King, James Taylor and The Zombies to name just a few. Soon, I’ll be finishing up laundry, making dinner and once again doing dishes and eventually working on art before bedtime but for now it’s just me and you and the music and the incense and the peaceful easy feeling vibe because it’s just that kind of night and it’s life man…and Life is Good. Try to stop by thebarefoothome again tomorrow, you know the coffee will be ready~Peace Love Art~101_7133


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