Tripping Down Memory Lane…again…


I’m sitting here listing my new coloring book for sale in my etsy shop and all I can think about is a long time ago in Albemarle where we once lived. A small town in NC. It was Christmas time and I went shopping for my mom a gift. It was a cold and gray day the kind I love so much. I remember the store I went to was near the Donut Dinette and the aroma was delicious! Doughnuts and Christmas will forever be intertwined for me. I can remember my mom taking me there for a treat every once in a while and upon one visit I got a ginger bread man with M & M buttons and chocolate eyes and a frosting mouth! Oh my gosh! I think if there was a heaven on earth it would have to be a small town doughnut shop! I think I may need to bake something soon! Y’all have a great day and beautiful autumnal day or as we say in the south fall y’all! Try to meet me back here tomorrow! Much Peace Love Art and doughnuts 🙂images


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