Sunshine Puddles, Finding Peace and Nostalgia…Saturday


Do you ever for no reason in particular and just out of the blue get a feeling of nostalgia and wistfulness? Wistful….there’s a word I rarely use but now I’ve used it two days in a row because it’s so fitting of the mood I’m having. I wonder if it’s the chill in the air or the high winds or the time of the season or what? I’m not sure but I’m going with it you know? There’s a pull toward all things retro, vintage….things that take me back to move me forward. I’m not one of those who leave the past in the past except for the negative parts I can do without them but I use the good stuff, the comfy cozy stuff, the warm fuzzy stuff, the homey stuff to create my life today day by day. Stuff like patchwork quilts and gingersnaps and homemade button garlands. Milk gravy over made from scratch biscuits and gardens and 100_3688bare feet on wood floors. Balls of yarn and crochet projects and sitting on the front porch in the early evening with a fleece throw or hand knit afghan sipping coffee with someone you love. Little china cups and saucers stacked where you can see them and smile at their delicacy and sweetness because really they are just to small to drink from! It’s Lennon and Dylan and Van Morrison spinning on vinyl as the suns sets so early and the lamps burn warmly in the fading light of day. It’s looking around the table during meal times at the faces you love and feeling happy as the conversations flow and laughter rings out like chimes. Kitties in window sills or fireplace mantles since that’s where Piper has been hanging out lately! And napping dogs in sunshine puddles and doughnuts hung off tree branches for birds to nibble. It’s horses in blankets and bales of hay and scarecrows and twinkle lights and apple cider. I’m wishing these days for pot belly stoves and hand cranked coffee bean grinders and old commercials in black and white featuring cartoon characters and reminding me of even simpler times. I’m missing my Nona and Paw Paw and their big drafty country home with the scary long hallway. I’m an empath and sometimes it’s difficult dealing with all the emotions that go with it but right now is so much muchier! I think a great big change is happening and it’s gonna be good and I’m looking forward to it and just going to enjoy every little nuance along the way and you know what!? I bet this could be manifesting from my affirmations I do every day! I love affirmations, don’t you? I also love early mornings and hot coffee and warm vanilla sugar body lotion I wear after my morning shower that I take first thing because the bathroom is toasty warm. So I’m headed there now leaving a sleeping Wayne as I quiet as a mouse slip out of bed and toward my wistful nostalgia filled day of food family art and simple hippie bohemian country life that I love so much and I wish all y’all  the same! I really do hope you can meet me back here tomorrow you don’t need an invitation you’re always welcome and I will always have coffee….Peace Love Art ~


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