A Wistful Kind Of Day


There’s something very wistful about today…yeah, wistful and dreamy and memory filled. A chill in the air since the heats not kicking on yet and the sun has slipped behind the hills and the evening is closing in. We’re listening to music, Bob Seger at the moment, the lights are dim and the incense is burning and life is good you know, simple and good. Ok, so I didn’t get all the art done today I wanted to but I did enjoy the art I did do…a zine and an aceo and I listed two new items in my etsy shop and I cooked Wayne’s mom a meal and cooked for my family. I made Wayne a BBQ salad with hushpuppies and onion rings and he loved loved loved it! He brought home hot peppers from his mom’s that his brother wants me to try since I love all things hot and spicy. They’re called Carolina ReapersDSCN0889! I’ll let you know what happens. Tomorrow I’m making oyster stew! My family loves it and it’s so easy! I may have time to bake something pumpkiny (I know that’s not a word šŸ˜€ ) The darkness is closing in and I need to turn on my lamp and get some more coffee and sit on my sofa in my studio with Wayne and cuddle someĀ kittens for a while before I make dinner. So, I’m going to go for now dreamers like me as I know you must be. Try to stop by the barefoot home tomorrow ok? Much peace Love art !


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