Today Was A Good Day…still is…


Right now in my neck of the woods….late lunch didn’t have it until 4pm! Dinner will be around 8 or 9 tonight. My daughter and her boyfriend are working a puzzle on the kitchen’s island, Sky is playing Xbox in his room, Zoey, the Chihuahua is running around, the kittens are nappingDSCN0864 as is Thor and Wayne too. I’m drinking coffee and blogging and feeling so grateful for this cozy home and this sweet family. The lights are dim, music is playing, incense burning and the house smells so good from the pizzas I made a while ago. Life is so good when it’s simple you know? It’s been a busy day! Before my family even got up I had cleaned the bathroom and mopped the floor and carried out garbage and washed a load of laundry and had it in the dryer, cleaned out the liter box, fed the animals, took a shower, got dressed, meditated, answered emails, worked on the commission piece and visited on FB! And my family started getting up around 8:15 am! Whew! My cousin Sheri came over for a while this morning and when Wayne got home from the dentist we went to my favorite place…Davidson, NC. We stopped by the post office so I could mail the art package to Australia and since we were right there, of course we stopped by the Restore where Wayne found a professional badminton racket for 2.00 and I found a fabulous piece of cloth perfect for a big peace flag mandala…it’s 50″x 50″ for 2.50 and I get a 5% discount because I have one of their recycle shopping totes! Then we went to the Food Lion because I needed more Flax Seed from the organic section and my FL doesn’t have an organic section any more…sadly. And they have calorie free ranch dressing too! Then we went to pay the power bill and back home and here we are all caught up! I got the best surprise in the mail from my friend Marcy in Hawaii!! I inspired her to make a coloring book and it is AWESOME!!!  She sent me so many goodies! DSCN0860It was like Christmas! I love her so much!! I love Life so much! Ooh! Son of Preacher Man just came on! I love that song!! You know what? I’ve gotta go dance! The music is so moving me! Y’all have a great evening ok? Much Peace Love Art! Meet me back here tomorrow if you can!! I’ll have coffee!! and Art!! and Music!!


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