Art, Music and Coffee in the Country…Life is Good!


Right now I’m scanning art for my agent and listening to some good music.The Flowers You Picked Today The evening is closing in and the windows that are still open will soon have to close as the chill sets in. I hear the kittens every so often. They have been playing so much and Wayne really loves them! While I was making lunch they all four climbed up his jeans leg and played with him! I think they melt his heart and I love that.

Hug me?
Hug me?

I’ve been so busy today getting art ready to ship out tomorrow to Australia!

shipping to Australia!
shipping to Australia!

Now, I’ve got just enough time to drink a little coffee…ok, a little more coffee, and blog and then get ready to grill because last night was just too dark. Tomorrow is the Shakespeare in the Park meeting and I have to go to another market for flax seed since my Food Lion didn’t have it but it’s near the Restore and you know I can’t just pass that by! I’ve got to finish up the commission too. I’ve got to be ready for the holiday push! I should stock up on ink! I need a new printer. Since my computer updated it’s no longer compatible with my kodak all in one!! I needed a new one anyway though. I want a big one! One that will print posters! How cool would it be to print my own posters!!! I want to get my calendars ready too and garlands and banners and Christmas peace flags and …. so much art! I want to bake too! I need more hours in the day! Maybe I should get up earlier? I get up around 5:30 am. I don’t think I want to get up earlier than that. Oh well, c’est la vie! Oh my gosh! I’m behind in my Italian lessons and yes I know c’est la vie is French but I’m taking Italian that way I’ll have two extra languages! yay! You know what? I’m  gonna go enjoy the country life for a while. I’m taking my coffee and going to the porch so y’all have a great evening and try to come back to the barefoot home tomorrow….I’ll leave the light on you! Peace Love Art !


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