November ACEOs, It’s dark way too early! and Life is so Good!


Okay since Sweet November has just begun I don’t feel like it’s too late! I’m gonna make a new aceo everyday. I’m going to scan them and the originals I’m gonna color and the scans…I’m gonna print and sell in my etsy shop at the end of the month as a complete set to be colored and embellished however the buyer chooses! But that’s not the best part! Here’s the best part, ready? I’m going to give away a complete set of the b/w aceos which will come in a handy dandy hippie pouch! I’m really excited about this! So Yay!

Nov. 1 Sleeping cap girl
Nov. 1 Sleeping cap girl
Nov. 2 Owl girl
Nov. 2 Owl girl
Nov.3 London girl
Nov.3 London girl
Nov 4 coffee girl
Nov 4 coffee girl

Wow, this time change has me so confused! It’s so dark so early! It feels weird! Too weird! This kind of night calls for lit candles and spinning vinyl and fleece throws and comfy cozy clothes! It call for good food and hot coffee and family. It calls for the porch light to be left on for Rainy and thick socks for me! It calls for art and warm kittens and all that life has that is wonderful and filled with memories to keep us warm on night’s like this!

It’s really dark right now and Wayne’s still gonna grill tonight! Guess I need to wrap this up so we can get cooking! Steaks, salads, bread, and fries for the boys….veggie pita for me! Coffee and popcorn coming up later with art and tv! Maybe we’ll put off grilling till tomorrow evening? Nah, probably not! lol

Life is good!

The dog’s owner was found, he’s home now!

Y’all have a great evening and try to meet me back here tomorrow ok?

Peace Love Art ~


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