Monday….Art, Menus, and Life


So, the whole family participated in the midnight release of Sky’s game last night. It was soooo cold y’all! Luckily Rainy and her boyfriend, Michael showed up with a nice warm car and saved my feet which were in two pairs of socks and boots, from frost bite! Sky won some goodies at the Game Stop raffle and he’s really happy with his game. There was a DJ and food and so many people. We were in group #2 so after midnight arrived we were in and out in less than 10 minutes!

Today I made some brand new artsy stuff hippie chick on cloth peace flagand I have another brand new idea I can’t wait to try too! I need to post pics I know but I don’t have any yet. The day already feels so late! I can’t stand the time change. Well, I don’t mind having an extra hour though. It’s just an adjustment I guess. Oh my gosh, the kittens are getting so darn cute! They are everywhere too! Climbing and playing and getting so brave! Wayne really loves them. They climb up his jeans legs and play with him and it is so cute! I have so very much to do this evening…dinner, packaging up art to ship out tomorrow, making a zine to go in the package, and I’m sure there was something else but I can’t remember what now. Oh yeah! I need to plan this weeks menus for the food store shopping we’ll do tomorrow. I’m thinking:

Eggplant Parmesan with salad and garlic bread

Oyster Stew with oyster crackers

Bow Tie Pasta with sweet baby peas and mixed veggies and grated parmesan and bread sticks

Meatball subs with golden potato wedges

BBQ salads with onion rings and hushpuppies

Ham and Cheese sliders with chips

There that’s a good start I think. So all I have to do is put together a grocery list and that task will be done!

Y’all have a great evening ok? Try to meet me back here tomorrow! Peace Love Art ~


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