Found a Border Collie, Bought some Incense, and Going to the Midnight Release of Sky’s game…you know, a Sunday…

Shoe or jungle gym?

Coming home from the flea market today we found an abandoned dog! We brought it home Piper watched the show from the kitchen’s island interested but Bijou freaked out because of her kittens and Thor was like no way!! since the new dog is also a boy. Rainy and Michael took the dog to the vet to see if it was chipped…it wasn’t. It’s a Border Collie mix under 2 years old and oh so beautiful and sweet. They went door to door in the area we found it looking for the owner in case it broke loose but the people only said they saw it wandering around in the rain yesterday! So they have brought it back here and now it’s in the dog fenced in oasis until we can acclimate the animals or Rainy and Michael get their own place which ever comes first lol. Once Bijou’s kittens are adopted out she’ll be able to relax with the new dog…hopefully. I mean she likes Thor. Thor may be a whole other issue though. I think it’s a sign (the new dog) that the farm I’m constantly manifesting with affirmations and meditations is on the way!! So, did y’all know the time changed last night? I thought it changed tonight! I’ve been so confused for most of the day! Now, lunch is done and I’m about to drink coffee and work on a commissioned piece of art and get ready to go to Game Stop to be in line by 6 for our group number. Then we’ll come back home and go back around 10:30 or so for the midnight release of Sky’s game and it’s going to be cold!!! Tomorrow I’m going to color Rainy’s hair and go to the food store and hopefully make some art! I bought four new incenses today from Alex…Tami wasn’t there so sadly I didn’t get to see her and I love her so much! I love Alex too though, they’re both awesome people!! Really really really good people, their vibes are so warm and inviting and comforting. They are the kind of people that make you feel good just being near them. I’m already burning one of my new scents. It releases peace and light to the world and my world needs it right now since poor Bijou had such a rough time earlier even though the dog only sniffed the kittens she’s so protective! She’s a new mom. DSCN0793 Ok friends the second day of November is proving to be a memorable one for sure. This month I’m going to record on my calendar the day’s highlights and the art I created that day. That’ll be fun to look back on. Sky actually does this every single day. He has for years! He’s so smart! Anyway, y’all take care and have a great day. I’m going to the kitchen for coffee and peek at the napping kitties and make some art baby while watching Sweet November in my studio if it doesn’t bother Wayne watching football in the adjoining living room. Y’all try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art~


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