November is meant for….


DSCN0697I bid a farewell to October yesterday and I will so miss it. But now is November’s time! A time for gingerbread and tasting menus for Thanksgiving and Holiday treats like bread pudding and homemade mints (recipe a few blogs back).  A time for making zines and coloring in coloring books and living Thankful for Everything. A time for scarves and boots and cute hats!! I’m listening to preliminary Christmas music you know just trying it on to see how it’s gonna feel. Wayne’s about to knock out a wall as he does every year around this time lol. He has a project he wants done in time for Thanksgiving so he’ll probably start three days before lol. I love him so much! He’ll make it happen I bet you! Ok, I can’t do it. I can’t listen to Carols, not yet anyway. Gotta change my music…be right back. Got me some Captain and Tennille now. I love my music from the 60’s and 70’s! I mean I think Thanksgiving and Christmas should be kept separate don’t you? I don’t want to combine Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas like stores want us to. Each one deserves to be celebrated for it’s own uniqueness! It’s only fair! November is for enjoying the harvest of the summer’s gardening and walking hand in hand in the park shuffling through russet and gold leafs sipping coffees and laughing and making plans and living in the moment. November is for handmade knits and afternoons of reading a good book nestled down in a comfy chair with coffee close by. November is for patchwork quilts and fleece throws and cute gloves and frosty mornings and beautiful sunsets and magical sunrises. November is for roasted salted pecans and walnuts and apple cider sipped warm on a cold porch in sock feet and a crocheted afghan and someone to snuggle with. It’s for cold pomegranate seeds ready to be eaten by the handful standing in the open fridge as the light streams across the kitchen floor.  It’s squirrels scurrying to fill their tree pantries with acorns for the upcoming winter. It’s time for memories, happy memories, to warm you on a blustery day like the one we’re having right now. The kind of day that denotes magic and winds of change and excitement just because and for no reason in particular. The kind of day that begs for warm tasty food and chenille socks and lit candles. The kind of day that promises great art and perhaps clay too! The kind of day I love and am going to enjoy every single second of having already started. But before I go guess what? Wayne proposed to ‘his spooky little girl’ (me) on Halloween. I said I suppose so lol. I mean we’ve been together off and on since 1992! He’s wanted to get married for a long time but I don’t feel the need or haven’t but now I think I’m warming up to it I mean what’s it gonna change really?Unconventional though it will be when we get married! Keep it a secret ok? Nobody knows yet. We’re gonna ask my mom if she wants to go online and get ordained to do the deed! Oh my gosh! I so cannot believe I’m gonna do this! Have a great very first day of November y’all ok? Try to meet me back here at the barefoot home tomorrow! Peace Love Art ~

Oct. 31st and still getting veggies from the garden!
Oct. 31st and still getting veggies from the garden!

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