It’s Halloween!!!


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It’s Halloween! It’s Friday the 31st reversed that would be Friday the 13th! I love love love Halloween! I love October and now it’s almost over. Farewell, October! I loved you so much!! I loved our walks and our early morning talks and our October Mondays and the colors of October and the scents of October and just everything! You were so awesome October!! Thanks for the memories! But you’re not over yet are you? Even though Christmas has been edging you out in the stores for the entire month! Don’t worry, I love you!! I love your witches and cauldrons and chilly nights. I love your scarecrows and pumpkins and groovy ghoullies. I love your It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I love your carnivals and festivals and hay bales everywhere!

I love your music and the way you conjure memories. I love your boot and scarf weather and your winds too. I love your spiciness and  your flavor and your style! I’m going to go enjoy the time we have left but before I go…one last memory. One of my favorite treats when I was a kid was popcorn! We lived in the country so I trick or treated in the country and one house, well lots of houses actually,  sat way back off the road, but the folks that lived in this one particular house popped popcorn that I imagine now they grew on their farm. It was warm and salty and not at all buttery which is a good thing because I like less butter and more salt. They piled the delicious popcorn in brown lunch bags and stapled it closed and it was sooooo good. I still love my air popped corn in a paper sack with salt! I love Halloween, did I mention that? Lol. Have a spooky little night y’all and enjoy the last day of an awesome month! Try to meet me back here tomorrow when we start November, Sweet November, together. A brand new month of recipes and memories and music and peace love and happiness! Life is so Good! Much Peace Love Art y’all 😀


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