Making Art, Drinking Coffee and Living the Country Life….Thursday :D


I usually have to settle in to something after I move the furniture. I have to get reacquainted with everything and slowly ease into creating art again but not this time man. I love how the studio is arranged so much! I was able to just jump in and start working! Well, it’s not work at all! It’s art! And we all know I love love love art! I didn’t even have to think about it, I just began you know, so that means the chi, the feng shui must be right on! Yay! I know it feels so good in here!  I’m making art like crazy man! Peace flags, new techniques, new mediums! I’m having the most fun!

DSCN0706I went with Wayne to his sleep apnea doctor today and drew in the truck and listened to Pandora from their internet service and worked on some Christmas girls. That was right after breakfast and dishes and then when we got back home I was right back in the kitchen making sliders for lunch and then I packaged up art to ship to Hawaii and went to mail that off. While at the post office we witnessed a couple having a knock down drag out argument in the parking lot. They were not shy at all about yelling at each other. I would not like to live like that way. We’re back home now and my head hurts I need to meditate a while and get rid of it and drink some coffee and get out the goodies I picked up at the Restore on the way back from his sleep doctor app. We love that place! And the little town of Davidson, NC. It’s so cute! It’s just like a town out of a movie or something. People walking or biking everywhere. Drinking coffee at little tables on the sidewalk, quaint little shops and pizza places and a community garden and I love love love it! I am happiest though right out here in the country. Someday though we’ll be even further out…I’m manifesting it all the time! Rolling hills, split rail fences, peacocks, goats, chickens, cats and dogs, deer that come up to feed and rabbits too…pretty much like here but only miles and miles from anybody or anything. I want glass front kitchen cabinets and doors with porcelain knobs that were original with the farm house…a house that has always been filled with love and peace and will continue to be so. I value peace and love so much! Peace and Love and Art and my Family our Pets and Life!!! Life is good when you expect it to be you know~and I so do! Okay, so I need more coffee and I’m hungry so I think I may grab a jello cup and make some art before dinner. Y’all have a great evening ok? Fill it with peace and love and happiness! Try to meet me back here tomorrow if you can, I’ll have coffee! Much Peace Love Art ~


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