My Art Studio aka Creative Chaos :) , Homemade Gesso! and What’s For Dinner?


I loved my studio yesterday after I brought in the sofa but when we sat on the sofa we couldn’t see out the bay or use the window seat because my drawing table took up all the room. So, yep, you guessed it. I moved it around again! and now I really like it although another way to move it popped in my head! Yikes! But I’ll leave it this way until after the holidays…probably.

I got to hang out with my cousin today. I love Shari! She is so awesome! She brought me a ton of fabric and some Tul markers and paints too!! I made her bread and she made us molasses cookies which I’m sure will not last long with Wayne’s sweet tooth.DSCN0712

I’ve got to go art supply shopping. I need some more chalk pastels even though I did find a pack of 12 today I’ve never used before that I got from a yard sale a long time ago but now I’m really digging them and want more colors! pastel chalk peace symbolI also need some India inks and glue and baby powder so I can make my own gesso. Did you know you can make your own gesso? That stuff is so expensive! You can make it with baby powder, white glue and Titanium white paint!! I saw it on a YouTube video!! Dollar store here I come for glue and baby powder!! I need some paper for pastels too. I wonder what chalk pastels would do on fabric though? I wonder if it would set up? I should try it. I’ve got a work in progress that I am so totally loving!! DSCN0706I also need a piece of wood for a little project or two! I’m keeping secret for now though 🙂

What to cook for dinner? That’s the question of the moment and I’m thinking chicken and parmesan noodles and my homemade bread or maybe biscuits stuffed with cheese and beef and pan fried gold potatoes.

The winds of change are a blowin’ right now. In the distance I hear the rooster crowing and the curtains are billowing out in the evening breeze. Rain is coming I do believe and with it cooler temperatures so it’ll be like hello again to the socks and see you later to bare feet. I love being barefooted!

The house is silent. No music or anything. Sky is in his room playing Xbox and Wayne’s gone to his mom’s and Rainy is out with her boyfriend. Thor is napping on the back porch, the kittens are sleeping now that they are back in their box having escaped several times today to run amuck and play lol. DSCN0626They are so much fun. They pick up their paws like they are walking through tall weeds! It’s so funny! Piper and Bijou are in my studio windowsDSCN0721 sleeping and here I am having just finished up my studio rearrangement and eating a jello cup DSCN0716and drinking coffee and burning incense. It’s been a great day and I am happy with much peace and love and hope for another wonderful day tomorrow after a wonderful evening tonight. I hope all is well in your neck of the woods too. Y’all try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art ~


4 Comments Add yours

  1. ~Lisa~ says:

    oh how I love that white chest….~

    1. dawn says:

      Ikr!! It’s a steamer trunk turned on it’s side!! I love it so much!! Thanks!!

      1. ~Lisa~ says:

        it is beautiful, your entire studio is full of fun things.

  2. dawn says:

    Creative chaos! Thank you so much for the nice words! I’m smiling from ear to ear 🙂 Much Peace!

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