Baking Bread, Making Art and Voting….Monday


I didn’t make mints…not yet anyway, I mean I will especially for the holidays but for now I need gingerbread and pumpkin spice! I did make bread and I found my original recipe!! It taste just like my Nona’s bread!! I thought I had it down pat until I made this way again and now I know that I know that I know this is it!!DSCN0689 DSCN0697

I voted today. I wrote my name in on the ballot ’cause I thought the world be a much nicer place with an ole hippie like me in charge lol. I didn’t really write my name in but I did vote!  l like voting. I did laundry and tidied up the bathroom and cleaned the liter box, and cooked three meals and did dishes three times, and moved furniture…yes, again. Let’s see…oh! we ran errands and I shipped art to Canada DSCN0680and made some art too! I’m going to make more art right after this I think that is unless I climb in the chair with Piper and watch tv. Taylor Swift is on The Voice tonight and I think she looks like she would be a royal.

I love October Mondays and this is the last one for another whole year! Farewell October Mondays I loved you!! It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown comes on Thursday I think. I love Charlie Brown specials. I always have. Wayne doesn’t care for Charlie Brown, he finds it a downer but I do. Love them actually.

Ok, so, time is ticking on and I want to make more art before I crash into the bed for the night and I think I only have one more cup of coffee for the night…one more cup?! Maybe I’ll make half a pot. I’ve never made so little coffee before….

Y’all have a great last October Monday night for a whole year and try to meet me back here at the barefoot home ok? I’ll have bread and coffee! Much Peace Love Art ~


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