Sunday In The Country and Homemade Mints :)


Sunday afternoon in the country…Carolina blue skies, song birds, napping kitties (one is snoring right beside me), there’s a great breeze and the windows are open this late in October! I wish it was chilly. I’m ready for chilly. I want my hand knit scarves and boots and warm hats. I want pumpkin spice and cinnamon spice and everything nice. I want wood burning fires and crunching leaves that dance around as you shuffle through them. I want to make gingerbread and yeast bread and bread pudding and mints! I found it! I found the recipe for my mints!! My daughter  loves these so much. I remember when I was a kid at Christmas my would buy mints from a woman who made them and sold them from her home way out in the country, even a little further out than my Nona’s house was. She would have all these clear containers of mints with checkered cloths covering the lids tied with raffia and I would be amazed by them. They were so good. They were the small squares kinda fat and melted in  your mouth. My mints are pastel colored and round and thinner. I haven’t made them in a while so I don’t have a picture but here’s the recipe if anyone wants to try them…it’s easy peasey…

1/4 cup butter softened

1/3 cup Lt. corn syrup

4 cups confectioner’s sugar

1/2 to 1 tsp. peppermint extract

3 food colorings of your choice

about 1 cup of sugar

1. In small bowl combine butter and corn syrup.

Add 2 cups of sugar and the peppermint extract.

Beat the mixture until well blended.   I don’t have a blender so I do this by hand with my favorite wooden spoon.

Add anther cup of sugar and beat well.

2. Lightly coat work surface with remaining sugar. Turn out the mixture onto the surface. Knead until sugar is completely absorbed and the mixture is smooth.

3. Divide the peppermint mixture into three portions. Tint the portions the colors of your choice by adding 1 to 2 drops food coloring and knead until the portion is the desired color.

4. Cover baking sheet with wax paper and place sugar in a shallow bowl or saucer. Pinch off walnut size piece of mixture and roll into a ball, the roll the ball in the sugar. Place ball on the prepared baking sheet and flatten with a spoon or fork into a patty shape. Repeat until done with the portions.

Let patties stand uncovered at room temp. 1 day. Store in air tight container.

Man, now I want to make these! First though I have art to finish up since it’s shipping to Canada tomorrow

Well, Mocha Latte Da! :)
Well, Mocha Latte Da! 🙂

and the doughnuts need to be eaten so after they’re gone then I’ll make mints! or something lol.

Y’all have a beautiful day! Try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Let me know if you try the mints. They are fool proof!! Enjoy! Much Peace Love Art


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