Found Treasures!


image image image imageOh my gosh! It’s been a day! Guess I lost track of it because we found micro suede furniture on the side of the road! Someone threw it out and it’s perfectly good! A love seat/ overstuffed chair (I’m sitting in it with Piper right now) and a huge sofa! It’s awesome! And oh so comfy! We brought it in and I had to rearrange everything to make it work which I did and I love it! It’s comfy and cozy and good. I know Wayne’s gonna want to get rid of our old sofa but it just really matches and I like it! He’s not here right now. He’s scaring people at a haunted house with his friend, my cousin, Walter. I hope he’s having fun! I’m gonna try to wait up for him but who knows if I’ll be able to and now that I’ve settled down into this chair and gotten so warm and comfortable I’m not sure I can draw myself out of it. Okey dokey my friends I think I’m going to go get my last cup of coffee and get my pot ready for tomorrow and maybe I’ll make some art but I’m getting sleepy cause I got up before 5am and just a few minutes ago finished up my day so I’m not sure how I’ll spend the test of the night…sleepily that’s for sure! Lol! Y’all try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art


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