Art, Gingerbread, and Love…a Tuesday In The Country


DSCN0577Couldn’t stay in bed this morning either. It’s so dark! Time will be changing soon. That always messes with me but at least we’ll gain an hour this time! I think it should meet in the middle on the half hour and just stay there! I’m craving an Oreo cookie this morning. I don’t eat lots of cookies and cakes and stuff like that. I like making them more than eating them. I have a salty tooth not a sweet one and when I want something sweet I like jello and I like fruits instead but for some reason and maybe it’s no reason at all I just am craving an Oreo cookie. I love breads though! I am such a breadaholic! Yeast bread, potato bread, wheat bread, artisan breads, pita bread, bread sticks…not so much. I love making bread! Gingerbread!! Love me some gingerbread and gingersnaps!! I wonder if I have what I need to make gingerbread at some point today. I’ll have to check! Maybe I could make gingerbread muffins!! I have some Granny Smith apples. I wonder if a apple/gingerbread cobbler would be tasty?Apple gingerbread muffins? Tartlets? Pecan tartlets!! My family loves them. I wonder if Wayne’s mom has pecans this year. I’ll have to check when I take her the weekly meal I prepare for her just because I love her so much. She’s a trip man! I think we would have been best friends if we had grown up in the same era! If she had had a daughter she was going to name her Dawn! That’s my name! My mom named me that because she was always up before the sun so she could watch it rise I know I’ve told you that before but…

I’m listening to Louise Hay every morning on YouTube and let me tell you she is awesome!! My days are so organized and fulfilling and even more joyful if you can imagine that!! I love living in the country so much with my little family…kids so grown up, one ready to fly the coup whether I’m ready or not and the other now taller than me! I love looking back and knowing I haven’t missed a single moment, a single memory, a single step along the way. I was so fortunate to be able to work from home and raise them I love Wayne so much for towing the line and now my art is off and selling like crazy I can help out more and more and more. Anyway, life is good in the country, and it’s better and better every day! Affirmations rock! Y’all should try them too! There’s nothing to loose except yucky stuff you don’t need anyway! So, I’m off, my coffee bowl is empty and there’s art to make and music to listen to and life to live. Try to meet me back here tomorrow at my comfy cozy little barefoot home where the art supplies are scattered, the kitties are napping and peace reigns supreme! Peace Love Art ~


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