That’s How I Roll lol :)


So, I didn’t stay in bed for the “sweet sleep” time this morning. Instead I got up before 5:30am and did my morning chores and showered and dressed while listening to affirmations on YouTube…which were great! I played out my day in my head in the process of just how I wanted it to go and then I spoke affirmations about it and dressed in clothes I love and then lit more incense and meditated for five minutes and began my work day as if art was work cause it’s so not! I love it so much! But I started off with a new alcohol technique and moved into scanning and transferring art to my agent and then I put on the movie Love Story on Netflix as I worked on a drawing for a commissioned piece and then started on a new girl for my art licensing and then….I started listening to Pandora since my movie was over and I loved it by the way! I can’t believe I had never seen it before now! Good gosh! It was so good! I made breakfast, did a few chores, made a little more art before making meatball subs for lunch which will also be dinner after which I may bake something or not…haven’t decided yet. Oh! I took pictures of my studio, my messy creative chaos! I love love love my studio! I like making art in my pajamas, that’s completely off subject I know but I do! I think I just may go put them on right now at 5:16 in the afternoon and then come back to make more art until dinner! That’s how I roll lol. Gotta love bohemian country living! Gotta love life man! And Must Must Must Love Art! and Family! and Kitties! Big hugs to all y’all!! Hope you’ll meet me back here tomorrow at the barefoot home! Peace Love Art

new technique! loving it!
new technique! loving it!

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