If Only…


Sunday is slowly drawing toward evening and it is beautiful. Blue skies, changing leafs, foraging squirrels and birds and rabbits. I love this place! Do you know how awe inspiring it is to just watch nature and life happening all around you? My cat, Piper, sleeping on the cushion in front of my Nona’s chair in my studio, Bijou taking care of her babies that are getting so cute! All the life just on the other side of the window where I’m sitting. It’s almost too much you know. It overwhelms me with gratitude and humbleness and love and makes everything feel like something great is about to happen. I wish I could bottle this feeling and share it with the world! There would be no more wars, no more hate, no more violence or depression or unhappiness. No one would need a pill or a drink. It would be so awesome if the world could share such Peace Love and Happiness…if only…

Y’all have a great rest of the day ok? Hug somebody, hug yourself, hug a tree! Try to meet me back here tomorrow at my little barefoot home, I’ll have coffee and apple crisp waiting!

DSCN0530Peace Love Art ~


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