Coloring Books Coloring Books, So Many Coloring Books!


Muchness MuseWe waited all day long for yesterday’s storms to come but they never did. Rains finally came though, I was sitting outside drawing a new coloring book that became two different coloring books and now has morphed into three different coloring books when the rain began to fall. I had to quickly gather my coffee, Sharpies and my iPad and Wayne got our Bull Mastiff and we dashed for the door! It was fun! My coloring books have become three separate ones because of a cohesion thing. They started off as a girl theme then became a a Christmas girl theme, then a henna tattoo girl theme, and now a strange spooky little girl theme with big round heads and big eyes and weird expressions and maybe I’ll include some equally weird quotes on them as well. I started a mixed media piece yesterday and I loved it then I hated it and now I’m not sure, so I’ll have to look at it again when I get to my studio. Right now I’m blogging from bed as this seems to be my new habit. After this I’ll go shower and get ready for the day. Wayne has a Dr. Appt. so I’ll ride along and draw in the car as I hate and I absolutely mean hate Doctor’s offices! Anyway, I’ll dress, feed the animals, clean the liter box…a morning ritual the liter box thing, light some incense to prepare the energy for the day, and check my etsy shop and emails and hopefully work on some art before making an earlier breakfast since we’ll have to go out. By the time we get back it’ll be lunch time and I need to think about what to cook. I’m thinking beef fajita bake or chicken biscuits with seasoned fries. So, hippie friends I had better go get at it! Y’all have a super fantastic day and try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? My cousin, Sheri is coming over tomorrow! I’m so excited!! I haven’t seen her in years! I love love love her! Peace Love Art y’all! Send Wayne good vibes!


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