I love…


I love October Mondays and rainy days and rainy nights and rainy in between times too. I love purring kitties and snoring dogs and crowing roosters and sitting hens. I love raccoons and squirrels ever so busy gathering acorns for the winter. I love scary movies and salty popcorn and witch doctor sodas. I love yarns and sewing patterns and quilting squares and quilting bees and old ladies all around the quilting table gossiping like crazy. I love vintage campers and hippie road trips and drumming circles and hippie circles. I love gypsy skirts and peasant tops and headbands. I love crocheted ponchos and hats and scarves and mittens kept in baskets by the front door to grab as you go regardless of who’s they are. I love gardens and farmers in overalls and John Deere tractors. I love my music….Lennon, Harrison, Janis Joplin, Hendrix, The Zombies, The Hollies, 10ccc and even The Captain & Tennille and Olivia Newton John. I love that the song Spooky reminds Wayne of me. I love movies from back in the day, movies like Endless Love, Rosemary’s Baby and Greese…it’s the word you know, not bird at all lol. I love animated movies too like Coraline and Monsters Inc. and The Boxtrolls. I love breakfast, it’s my favorite meal of the day and I love it for breakfast or dinner or at midnight! I love oatmeal thick with Sriracha sauce and salt and pepper. I love pepper grinders and sea salt and seasoned salt and herbs dried in window sills and little pots of sage and basil and dill all lined up in the kitchen window. I love glass door knobs and wood plank floors and squeaky doors and hidden nooks where a chair and lamp sit waiting for you to curl up with a fleece throw, a good book maybe Dickens or Poe, and a great big mug of piping hot coffee black with three sweeteners. I love coffee! Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen coffees! Cafe au Chocolat and Santa’s White Christmas coffees are so good! I love hiking boots and Earth shoes and Birkenstocks and someday I’m so gonna own a pair of real Birkenstocks that I will no doubt find in my size (5.2-6) at a yard sale since I only buy shoes at yard sales.  I love yard sales and flea markets and shabby chic home design. I love bird cages that hold yarn or candles not birds unless the doors are kept open so the birds can fly in and out as I think birds need to be free to fly wouldn’t you want to fly if you had wings? Nothing should be caged when born with wings! I love wings! Dragonfly wings, butterfly wings, fairy wings! I wish I had wings, I would probably be tempted to wear them to the food store! I love windows and catching glimpses of lives like little plays going on through them while driving down the street at night…not like a Peeping Tom or anything just a quick preview as passing by since the lights are on and the curtains open. I love plays! The sets, the scenery, the theaters! I love old buildings so full of memories and style just like old cars….classics with big steering wheels! I love rural life, country living with sunflowers and pets and land spreading out so far and wide….keep Manhattan just give me that countryside! I love little bare feet on wood floors and great big bear hugs and excited feeling because it’s Halloween or Christmas and decorations are up and music is playing and traditions are being carried on with, passed down and shared like well loved memories. I love memories, I love the 1960’s and the 1970’s. I loved American Bandstand and hamburger Saturdays when I was a kid….hamburgers on soft soft buns with mayo so thick it oozed off the sides. I love haunted houses and grave yards and travel books. I love art and new art supplies and making art in my studio and outside too! I love waking up in the morning knowing I’m going to see my family and drink copious amounts of coffee and cook tasty food and make art all day long and I love going to bed at night talking with Wayne until one or the both of us drift off on dreams and deep steady breathing and apparently I love blogging when I should be sleeping! Lol. I hope y’all love this blog post and this day…the day you’re in and that you fill it with things you love and I hope you’ll drop back by the barefoot home tomorrow and visit with me again ’cause I love all y’all too! ….last but not least I love Peace Love Art ~101_7908


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