The Sandman, Frankie & Johnny and Restless Ghosts


Well, here I am again bright and way too early writing from bed because I don’t want to start my day at 3:30 in the morning. I am hoping the Sand Man will visit me and I’ll be able to get a little more sleep. I remember as a child laying in bed waiting on the Sand Man. I was convinced he was a cross between a fairy and a leprechaun and I just really wanted to meet him. I loved that song Mr. Sandman, my Nona sang it sometimes while she cleaned her house. She sang that and Frankie & Johnny. I loved it when she sang. She didn’t go around singing a lot so it was always a treat for me when she did. She did however, clean house a lot! She kept a mason jar of Lysol water with something pink also mixed in it under the bathroom sink for quick bathroom wipe downs and I remember her dusting and stuff every single day. I never remember finding her sitting down in the middle of the day watching soaps and snacking on chips. She stayed busy all day long. I do that too. I can’t remember the last time I sat on the sofa with coffee and a magazine. If I’m not cooking or doing chores or running errands or checking emails and my etsy shop or visiting with friends on Facebook for a bit then I’m making art. Some mornings as I’m getting ready for the day I tell myself this is the day I’ll sit outside and knit or crochet for a while or perhaps I’ll read a book but that hasn’t happened…yet…maybe today…after I meet with the dude about displaying my art down town! I’m pretty excited! Off subject but my blog is so random anyway, our ghosts have been really restless lately! I normally only see one at a time occasionally two at a time but for a week or so I’ve been seeing three or four at once and last night while working on a Peace Flag at the kitchen island and watching The a Tourist with Wayne one touched me on the shoulder. It was very noticeable. I don’t mess around with Ouija Boards any more or I’d try to find out what’s going on. I think I’ll make an apple crisp after today’s meeting. I really want to bake something. And I want to finish the girl I started yesterday. She’s mostly done but the background isn’t coming together. It started coming together just when I had to stop to make dinner since it was already 6:30pm. I bet it comes together really quickly and easily this morning after I shower and dress and feed the pets and pour that first cup of coffee that I’m already looking toward to! I don’t want this to get too long so I’m going to stop rambling and hopefully sleep another hour. Y’all have a great day! It’s Sunday! Sundays are a Fun Days! So have some fun! I’m gonna have fun today even though we’re skipping the flea market. I’ll miss seeing Tami and Alex…I love them! Try to meet me at the barefoot home tomorrow maybe at a more decent hour lol. Peace Love Art ~Tattoo Coloring Book p5


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