Something Is Going On…I Can a Feel It


Conversations With Owls pg3I’m writing Saturday’s blog from bed since it’s only 4:30 am! Why am I up and writing at 4:30 in the morning? Who knows…that’s just the way it goes sometimes. I think maybe it’s because the subconscious knows something great and wonderful and exciting is about to happen making sleep obsolete like a kid at Christmas. Lately I’ve been having that feeling. The feeling that something BIG is going to happen. Something so great it changes everything and nothing. I mean if I suddenly won the lottery I wouldn’t Change much. Of course, we would build our dream house but you can bet your butt it’d still be in the country so far out you wouldn’t see neighbors for miles and miles and miles. I would still cook three meals a day and make art and do my house cleaning….well, maybe, I would hire someone to come out once a week for that lol. I would buy my hippie VW van, and a ton of new art supplies! I would buy the largest selections of oil pastels and prismacolor pencils and neocolor ll sets I could find but I’d still use my crayolas and go to yard sales and shop at the Habitat Restore and go to the flea market on Sundays and wear second hand clothes and be the bohemian hippie I am ’cause that’s just me and I like me so me I would want stay me even if I suddenly became a rich version of myself. it definitely feels like we’re on the verge of something though…we’ll have to wait and see what else can you do you know? I’ll keep you posted….until then meet me back here tomorrow at the barefoot home for Peace Love Art ~ have a great weekend friends! Big hugs and lots of love!


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