Random Acts OF Life…


I want to bake something but I haven’t yet. I’ve been making art though. I listed a Peace Flag for sale in my etsy shop and worked on a girl for my agent. And loved loved loved working in my newly arranged studio! All the light flooding my drawing table! It’s wonderful! I am so loving it!! I want to work in here nonstop!! I don’t even want to stop for dinner but I probably will. Oh my gosh, Rainy borrowed my scissors the ones I use for paper not cloth, to make her paper beads and she cleaned my scissors to get the glue off them and something went wrong somewhere lol. Now my scissors are gray and black and off white tie dye looking which is right up my alley! Lol, leave it to Rainy!! She’s so funny. I’m working with oil pastels today and I would be outside making art except for that it’s really really windy and I love love love my studio! I already expressed that didn’t I lol. It was worth repeating. It’s a good thing it’s windy though otherwise it would be sweltering out there! It shouldn’t be this warm in October!! Manifesting a home in the NC mountains!!! I am so thankful and grateful now we live in the mountains and have all four seasons!! I wonder if I’m having hot flashes? Did you know men have a male menopause? I didn’t but they do. I read it. The kittens are going to be a week old tomorrow so tomorrow we’ll get to hold them! Bijou is the best mama kitty!!! I’m so tickled Rainy is keeping one! They’re so cute all curled up with each other, resting on each other and the little sounds they make!! We’ve always had puppies, these are our first kittens. So, my pot of coffee is done and I need it. Y’all have a great and magical evening and I’ll meet you back here tomorrow at the barefoot home! ~ DSCN0530Peace Love Art ~


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