Rearranging My Studio, Full Moons and Peace


Oh my gosh y’all. I did it again! I spent a whole day away from my drawing table. After breakfast and dishes Wayne and I went to the Habitat Restore where I put in a silent bid for a great sideboard! I hope I win! I found the magnet letters and words I wanted for the fridge so we could write poems or quotes or lists!! .50! I also got some cloths to paint my hippie peace flags on. I love that store!! We ran a few more errands then we came home and I made lunch, did the dishes, cleaned the kitchen which lead to other chores and before I knew it my home was clean! The whole thing…dusting, mopping…the whole nine yards! So now I don’t have to do it tomorrow! Yay! Tomorrow DSCN0521I do have to go the food store and post office to mail art to the UK which means I need to fill out customs forms but I’ll have to take out my contacts to read the little writing on the forms lol. I’m serious, I so will! I got all my laundry done today too and guess what else!! I rearranged the furniture in my studio again! I needed to have more natural light on my table and now I will. My drawing table is by my bay window now. I actually moved every single item in here. Sometimes more than once! It took hours but it’s so worth it! I can’t wait to work in here tomorrow after the morning’s errands are done! I want to draw and paint and sew and write and create all day long, all weekend long! I want to make bread too or a sponge cake. I want to drink coffee and listen to good music and enjoy my Peace. Now I’m thinking of ways to move the living room! Nothing’s safe lol, well, the bedroom is. I like it so much the way it is. I’m really hungry. I hate to think how many calories I burnt off today, more than I ate I am sure. So, I’m going to go pop me some popcorn and work on a new coloring book or maybe look at a magazine and hold off on art until tomorrow. Maybe tonight I’ll just chill. Maybe I’ll spent a little time with the big beautiful moon shinning so bright out my window right now. Calling to me to come out and play. Anyway, y’all try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art from the barefoot home!


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