Pasta Bake, Humility and A Moleskine Art Journal


Oh my gosh, today’s blog is one of humility I guess would be the word. I sold a piece of art…Yay! I thought I it would be in with all my other art. It wasn’t. I proceeded to look in other portfolios, my drawing table, boxes and everywhere. Now here’s the thing…I’ve been wanting to go through my Narnia wardrobe. It’s been a chaotic mess for a long time! I’ve been wondering where my metallic inks were and I knew that they had to be in there somewhere. I saved the wardrobe till last. I went through the whole bottom part and foundscratchboards!! In different sizes! I lovescratchboard and now they’re

color me humbled :)
color me humbled 🙂

easy to get to again. Several hours and a whole bunch of bad words later I got the step stool and went digging into the top of the wardrobe. One of the first things I found was the art I needed but I was already invested in going through everything. I found a brand new moleskine art journal, my metallic inks, my small bead loom, a good book, a bunch of sketches I meant to do for my agent but forgot! I found my transparencies and photo paper and double pointed knitting needles, my tarot cards, and art/postcards to sale in my etsy shop!! I found lots of art to adapt and make something out of and now I’m so so so happy happy happy!!! I’m totally pooped since I ran errands with Wayne and Sky right after breakfast and came home to cook a big ol lunch of pasta bake…ooey gooey cheesey pasta with garlic bread and salads, did the dishes and set out in search of art. The search began around app. 2:15pm and just ended at 6:30pm! I didn’t make any art since before breakfast but now I’m good. I was humbled to find such treasures after losing my temper a couple of times. Now I’m going to heat up dinner and make art and watch tv and go to bed happy and get up happy and have another busy day tomorrow but it’s all good! Life is good and has a way of showing you just how grateful you should be and I am! Y’all have a great evening and try to come on back to the barefoot home tomorrow…who knows what’ll be happening. I feel like a glass of wine or a pot of coffee right now..either would be great. Peace Love Art hippie friends!!


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