Coffee, Oven Fried Chicken, & Popcorn….

What's for dinner?!
What’s for dinner?!

The morning out here in the country started off chilly and cloudy…and I loved it. Then it turned sunny and warmer and I loved that too. The afternoon has waned back into a chilly cloudy day and guess what….I love it! I’m writing this from the front porch munching on some popcorn from last night and drinking coffee. My latest coffee obsession is Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen Cafe au Chocolat and it is so good let me tell you! Oh my gosh, it totally beats Starbucks and Dean & Deluca! I live simple it’s a fact but my coffee is important to me and my one big indulgence. I hope I don’t sound line a coffee snob but I like what I like you know?  I absolutely cannot stand fast food coffees at all! Hey! Did you know you can pop kernels in the microwave? Not microwave popcorn that stuff is so not good for you! I mean popcorn that goes in a hot air popper. If you don’t have a hot air popper you can put kernels in a brown lunch sack (small paper bag) and fold it over and pop it in the microwave for a couple minutes and pop pop pop! You have delicious healthy popcorn! Spray it with some butter spray…zero cals! Salt it up and there you are and it’s so good! We love it! Just listen for the popping to slow down and stop the microwave to prevent burning…try it you just might like it! And oven fried chicken crisps up as well as pan fried in lard too! I made chicken legs in the oven yesterday and my family loved them. They were so crunchy and crispy! I melted butter on the baking sheet then dipped each leg in a mixture of flour seasoned with salt and pepper and laid them on the butter pan where they cooked for 30 minutes before I turned them over and cooked another 20 minutes or so. They were beautiful and golden and I wish I had taken pictures! Next time! Wow, all this food talk has me thinking about dinner and since I’m not sure what that’s gonna be I should go figure it out, so y’all try to meet me back here tomorrow ok? Peace Love Art ~


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