What if….


If you decided to throw all caution to the wind and just live what would you do? What if you didn’t worry about anything at all. What if you ate exactly what you wanted when you wanted it and had just one more glass of wine and what if you skipped dinner and went straight to desert? What if you weren’t afraid of failing? Would you submit that book proposal? Contact an art gallery? Write Paint Dance Live? What if age was ageless and time was timeless and life was spent living wild and free! What if the hours were spent doing exactly what you wanted to do how you wanted to it where you wanted to do it. Where would you live if you could live anywhere you wanted to? What if we just lived and let live? What if we slept till noon and stayed up till 2am and made art getting messy and listening to music while the rest of the world slept…What if we believed in magic and fairies and wishes coming true…wishes made on stars and dandelions and eyelashes….What if Love reigned supreme and Peace ruled! What if we took time to talk to owls and bird watch and meditate? What if we had spontaneous fits of fun and living room floor picnics on rainy days and put on skits and played charades and smiled at everyone we passed in the store? I don’t know…I just think we maybe would be much freer and happier and live a fuller life if we Lived it more and worried about it less. That’s how I try to live anyway and was just wondering how to make it, Life, even more whimsical and fun and full. I hope y’all had a great and full of fun weekend! Try to meet me back here tomorrow ok at the barefoot home…Peace Love Art ~DSCN0210


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