Rainy Days, Incense, Coffee and Art…My Bohemian Life


The day is beautiful. It’s raining, incense is of course, burning. Coffee is hot and fresh and Barnie’s Coffee Kitchen Café Au Chocolat. It’s the best and I mean BEST coffee ever! I’m not going to sit here very long because my sewing machine is calling me today and art and zines and life and music and I need to generate a lot of positive energy right now since Wayne is going through something kinda tough. I got the ingredients to make oyster stew tomorrow. Can’t wait!  I even bought oyster crackers too! So after yard sales we’ll come home, I’ll make breakfast and ride to the Habitat for Humanity Restore with my mom to look for treasures for my peace flags and her repurposed art and then we’ll come back home, she’ll drop me offConversations With Owls pg3 and I’ll make oyster stew! It’s going to be so chilly!! I’m really excited for the weekend. Chilly days, blue skies, good food, music, treasures, flea marketing on Sunday, scarves and hand warmers knitted for just such a day! Maybe I’ll draw outside or crochet or reread Rebecca. Maybe I’ll go for a nice long walk and daydream and have a conversation with an owl as I do that on occasion. They are very wise you know. And they can keep secrets! Once a hawk walked me home, well, he flew I walked but he stayed with me the whole way and it was magical. I’ll never forget that day ever. I love being outside. I love Nature. i love bringing the outdoors in as much as I can and I know one day in the near future according to the Farmer’s Almanac it’s gonna be too cold for open windows so I’m enjoying it while I can! Y’all send as much positive energy as you can spare please and healing vibes too and I send peace and love and light back to you! Try to meet me here tomorrow at the barefoot home but if you don’t I’ll figure y’all are out making wonderful memories as I hope you always do! Much Peace Love Art


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