Carolina Indian Summer Day…Peace


It’s the epitome of an Carolina Indian Summer day. Blue skies, fluffy white clouds and cool breeze against warm air. It’s so beautiful! The birds are singing just outside my open windows and America is playing in the background and money attracting incense is burning away pulling money to me! I sold two more coloring books and a big Peace Flag this week. I’m taking Tami a coloring book on sunday. Peace Love and a Coloring Book. I’m gonna surprise her with it and a box of crayons. I have found that generic crayons go on a bit smoother than Crayola!! Can you believe it? It’s true. I use both generic and Crayola though. I’ve been using mainly oil pastels lately though because I can pull prints from them easier. I can’t wait to work on some art this afternoon and I’ve got to get my menus together since tomorrow is Food Store day. I should make Wayne oyster stew this weekend since it’s suppose to turn chilly. He’d love that. I’m gonna do it, gotta find that recipe. I need to take a few hours and gather all my recipes together and get them organized and in one notebook! Tonight? Who knows…I’d rather make art than organize recipes but once it was done I would be so tickled you know? We’ll see what happens. Wanna take a guess on what wins out… art or organizing recipes? Anyway, my chores are done…laundry, dusting, liter box, vacuuming, bathroom including tub and floor, kitchen, my studio could use a bit of tiding up but not today. We ran errands and now this afternoon is here and there’s coffee and art and Peace to enjoy so y’all meet me back here tomorrow if you can ok? Peace Love Art


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