A Daydreamy Kind of Morning

Country Fog Bank
Country Fog Bank

It’s so foggy out here in the country this morning. It’s making me daydream of rolling English hills where there’s castles and moors and things hiding in the shadows. I see great big fireplaces with fires on the hearth and big cast iron pots boiling with a stew or something. I can just picture men in riding boots and hats and women in capes sweeping in to warm themselves by the golden glow of the fireplace where a dog is already napping. Now I’m picturing my own barefoot home comfy cozy with lit incense, kitties on the bay window seat and twinkle lights spilling out of the wine bottle that sits on the mantle glowing a blue white light that is both ghostly and magical. It’s so silent I don’t even have any music on just the sound of silence and I’m digging it, there is an energy in the air, an excitement for what I don’t know and maybe it’s just for the moment in time… anyway it doesn’t matter…all that matters is that I’m here to experience it and I get to share it with y’all! There’s no birds out this morning, no squirrels, no rabbits nothing. It’s like time has just stopped for a bit and all is like a secret garden…still as statues and serene and eerie. It looks like one of those in between times of day but it’s not…It’s the time of day I feel inspired to create something before my family gets up and my time is no longer my time but shared time of cooking and cleaning up and running errands and living this bohemian country life of mine that I love so much. So, I’m off to feel this morning, to live this morning, to create this morning and hopefully the whole day through as well. Y’all have a magical day too and try to meet me back here tomorrow at my barefoot home. Peace Love Art ~

Peace Flags in progress :)
Peace Flags in progress 🙂

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