Patchwork Quilts, Chilly Evening Strolls and Kitties

Another gorgeous gray day! So cool and breezy and inspiring! I have loved cooking and making art today. I made crab rangoon

crab rangoon
crab rangoon
eat your veggies!!
eat your veggies!!

for the the first time and I think they turned out pretty good. Rainy loved them and she’s our Chinese food connoisseur. I also made veggie egg rolls so I could eat one too. I kept the chicken separate from the veggies so I could partake and I made sticky rice and crispy noodles!

This afternoon I made two more peace flags and I love them! They are gorgeous.

I’m sitting here by the open windows with the chilly evening air setting in and it makes me daydream of fires and fall leaves and lit candles. Of pumpkins and apple cider and scarecrows and corn mazes. I love comfy cozy peaceful evenings of music and art and delicious scents wafting through the air. I like to be carried away by the awe inspiring ways life has of sneaking up on you at moments like these and taking you to dreams and memories, to fairy tale worlds making you want to make fairy tale worlds real life worlds where gingerbread is cooling on the stove top and squirrels sit on the porch rail and watching you.

I love this time of year… It’s time for patchwork quilts and chenille socks and scarves that were hand knitted with care for just such a chilly evening. A chilly evening perfect for a little stroll perhaps hand in hand with someone you love…returning home finding a warm and cozy space with throw pillows and dimly lit lamps and incense burning. With napping dogs and kitties in the window sills. I love love love this time of year don’t you?

I’m off to enjoy the rest of the evening before I make dinner…art and coffee are calling my name…meet me back here tomorrow for Peace Love Art ~


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