I Worked My Booty Off Today!

Oh my gosh, I’m just about out of energy and I am fresh out of coffee in the pot that is. Mr. Coffee is set and ready to brew the nectar of the gods for me in the morning but for tonight he’s off duty and why is it that the last cup of coffee is the best cup of coffee? I’m so wishing I had another pot but I’m just gonna chill and probably hit the hay a little earlier unless I get a second wind. I worked my booty off today y’all! I got up extra early…like around 5am to clean the bathroom before I took a shower and I did this because today was house cleaning day and I also needed to switch out my clothes summer goes up and fall/winter comes out and I knew this would take hours so I had to get up and get started. Before 6:30 this morning I had cleaned the bathroom including mopping the floor! I carried out all the garbage…bathroom and kitchen…did laundry and emptied the liter box too. Plus I took a shower and answered emails and addressed the art packages I shipped today and let’s see oh yeah, fed the animals. I didn’t get to work on art this morning but I did get the dusting done too. After breakfast and dishes we went to the post office and food store and dollar store and back home. I got it done! My clothes are switched out and I have a bag to recycle or donate. I just finished the dinner dishes and now I’m starting to wind down. I want to work on some art…girls for my agent and peace flags too and art for hand-pulled prints. I love love love the hand pulled print I did yesterday!! I found my witch’s hats lights and hung them in my bay window and I found two of my witches and sat them out too. My goodness! Tomorrow I’m making crab rangoon and sticky rice and stir fry and egg rolls and taking some to Wayne’s mom. I’ve never made crab rangoon before so I pretty excited to try out this recipe…wish me luck! Oh my gosh, it’s so cozy in my studio tonight with these little lights and the dimly lit living room…Wayne’s watching football and Sky is using his iPad. Piper has started hanging out under the rocking chair…she does that a lot….finds new spots to make her own for a while before moving on to another spot. Bijou is in the bay window beside me and Thor is near Wayne. Rainy is at her boyfriend’s house and all is well…life is good. I hope y’all’s day was awesome. I hope this blog wasn’t too boring, but it was just another day in my barefoot home and I hope you’ll stop by again tomorrow. Peace Love Art ~Muchness Muse


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