Dreaming of Summer Rain…


This is actually my journal entry from the other night…funny how life imitates art sometimes…today has been warm and breezy and beautiful, the windows open, out walking without a coat…then a small rain storm  rolled through.

Tonight I don’t know, but I can totally imagine myself sitting at my computer while a thunderstorm threatens outside. I can see lightning and feel the warm breeze that will blow in the open window. The breeze that lifts the curtain and lets it fall back again. The kids sleeping in their rooms leaves the house silent, the only blissful sounds come from outdoors, a bullfrog, the wind and the occasional rumble of thunder. I can imagine myself typing away, a mug of tea, not coffee for once, sits within reach and the lamp across the room is on dim casting shadows that make everything a little cozier. My feet are bare and the wood floor cool, maybe I’ll slip on a pair of soft socks and settle into the chair in the corner near the bookshelves and read a little while or perhaps climb into bed, Miss Kitty already sleeping at the foot of which, with some magazines or the ipad. But first I see myself stepping out into the night on the porch for a better look at the sky. Not because I’m afraid of storms but because I love them. Stepping out I am struck by the scent of night-blooming flowers and approaching rain. Looking up I the moon being shrouded by thick lavender and gray clouds sweeping across the sky and feel, well, content. Content, I know sounds a bit odd but it’s true. There’s something about a warm breeze, thunder and a cozy home that makes one feel….content. I imagine the brunt of the storm will miss us and only a gentle rain will fall during the night. The morning will dawn warm and beautiful.
I can’t wait for this day.

Peace & Hugs:)

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