A Change In The Weather

Saturday’s sun and warmth gave way to rain and snow on Sunday. I went out for my walk without a coat or even a jacket on Saturday. I had the windows open and fresh breezes blew in promising flowers and hopes and dreams of Spring only to vanish like magic within hours.

A transformer blew up across the street and our power went out which meant no heat and the outside temp was only 37 degrees! But we made the best of it, I plugged up an old phone called in the problem, lit candles, put out a plate of tasty treats like doughnuts and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and pulled out the board games! The hours flew by!

Somewhere along the way another issue presented itself in the form of puppies! The dogs have a huge beautiful area of their own. An oasis shaded in the summer by a huge old oak tree and surrounded by a tall wooden fence. It’s one of my favorite spots in the yard and two of our dogs, Isis and Papong,  would rather be outside than in and Kitty is quickly following suit. She jumped into the pond just the other day during another rare cold snap and splashed around like it was Summer! Anyway, Papong who is part Chow, part Wolf and part Lab jumps the 6 ft. tall fence and comes and goes. She went one too many times and came back pregnant. And wouldn’t you know, she went into labor yesterday during all the weather! I saw something moving around inside the dog house from my kitchen window and upon inspection she was indeed having puppies!

No way could the poor little things stay outside on a night when it was going to be 27 degrees. So, the puppies were piled into the pet carrier and brought inside along with their mom and grandma. Kitty loved having her mom, Isis,  inside but seemed a little confused by Papong’s refusal to play. We warmed the puppies under a hair dryer and towels and settled them into the bathtub where Papong has been taking tender loving care of them since.

Thor, the Bull Mastiff was all wrinkly faced trying to understand what these small squeaking creatures were and continuously checked on them. It was so sweet.

Soon, everyone settled into their spots for the night and all was peaceful. We’re soon going to need to shower though so Plan B may be a fort we build in the living room in the sunshine under the front windows for the new family.

You know I could actually say it rained and snowed puppies yesterday:)

Peace & Hugs & Puppies:)

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