Dreaming of Spring


Yesterday’s rains have cleared out and today the light is just a little brighter, the shadows just a little changed. This morning before breakfast I spotted a frolicking squirrel teasing Miss Kitty, my Lab puppy and the elusive woodpecker working his way quickly up the tree like someone ascending a spiral staircase. My mouth dropped open as I watched him peck, peck, pecking here and there before quickly moving upward. I have tried to find him on so many occasions but to no avail and this morning just on chance, there he was! and me with no camera to prove it! Oh well, another day…

This change in light and shadow tells me Spring is on her way, she’s coming around the mountain, she’s working her way back to you babe, she’s coming home! The garden will be planted with tomatoes and cucumbers and cantaloupes. There will be hot peppers, my favorite, and zucchini and eggplant. A section of the garden will be just for Sunflowers that will grow as tall as skyscrapers. Well not quite that tall but I can dream…The wildflowers can grow wherever they wish:)

I can’t wait to welcome the fireflies and butterflies and dragonflies, perhaps learn to tie some flies and go fishing some Spring evening. Just sitting on a grassy bank as twilight sets in and the sun begins to dip, the air chills a little and there’s peace. The crickets will begin to play a symphony and the bullfrogs will join in, nesting birds my offer a soprano to the concert and it will be bliss. Who cares about catching fish, just sitting there with my kids making another memory will be awesome. We’ll giggle and snack on something tasty from the basket we’ll bring… a cinnamon bun or peanut butter and jelly sandwich or maybe pound cake and perhaps we’ll do some sketching…an oil pastel landscape? The big ‘ol moon will rise and we’ll pack up and head home where the house will be warm and waiting to welcome us back. We’ll unpack our blanket and basket of goodies, our art supplies and our memories….I can’t wait.

Keep comfy cozy:)


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