I love Sundays


It’s cold outside this morning and everything has a gold tinge to it. Last night the moon glowed pink and now the morning is gold, I wonder what color the day will be….The house is still oh so quiet with the hushed sounds of deep breathing in the sweet sleeping of children. Children that will soon be rising all tousled haired and sleepy eyed. One with her Chihuahua under her arm about to go out into the cold morning for a little walk around the yard. The other will head from bed to sofa with either his book or game in hand…peace. Peace for about 60 seconds after everyone converges on the living room and the Mastiff plays hide and sneak with Miss Kitty the Lab and the Chihuahua chases them both around nipping at their heels. All three will inevitably end up trying to share a chair with my daughter, Rainy, which will not thrill her at all, since she will only have been awake for five minutes. Sky will try not to laugh but will anyway which will only fuel her fire. Pancakes will soon resolve the issue and everything will melt into a warm buttery, syrupy stack of yumminess. I love Sundays:)


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