I spent 15 minutes this morning trying to snap a picture of the illusive woodpecker in the tree by our driveway.  I had just returned from walking Kitty, our Lab puppy, when I heard it peck, peck, pecking away. I love woodpeckers so much! I feel sorry for the trees of course, but I love woodpeckers. I never did get the picture, but the day’s not over yet.

I came inside for my artwork and the camera to snap pictures to list it on in ZetasAttic when I heard it again, so off I went, but he got away again:( Oh well, next time my friend.

You know what was really inspiring about the moment though. It wasn’t the fact there was a woodpecker in the tree, but that I was fortunate enough to be outdoors on a perfect October Monday morning at just the right moment to hear it and have the opportunity to try to photograph it. I just stood there  under the tree in the light and shadows with the breeze stirring the and it was awesome.

Shortly after my hunt and back up on the porch to snap the art pics I heard it. The alarmed cry of a hawk. It was in much distress about something and I hope it’s all okay now. Maybe he wasn’t alarmed but alert or perhaps excited like when a child hears the ice cream truck.

So, that’s what’s been happening around the barefoot home this morning, hope you are having some awe-inspiring moments too:)

Keep comfy cozy and remember sometimes those “moments” don’t happen unless you set them up to happen…

Peace & Hugs


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