The Barefoot Home And Cozy Socks


Okay, so there comes a time at the barefoot home when it’s just too chilly to run around barefooted. When this time arrives, which it usually does around this time of year, it’s the perfect opportunity for cozy socks.

I love socks, all socks… argyle socks, tube socks, wool socks, lacy socks, hand knitted socks, footie socks, toe socks, knee socks, fair isle socks…the only socks I don’t like are missing socks, but if the “found” sock is cute or comfy enough then it can be paired with another “found” sock and worn as a pair.

I have a pair of chenille Christmas socks that feel like heaven. I try to save them until November 1st then wear them until New Year’s Day, not continuously mind you, lol…you know what I mean. I love those socks so much. They are a perfect blend of cuteness and comfort and warmth and complete the look of flannel pajamas with a Holiday flair. Flannel pajamas, oh my gosh, don’t even let me get started there. I love flannels…flannel everything…but I’ll save that for another post.

So, dear friends, assuming I have some out there in Blogland, I have said all this because, this morning I have for the first time this autumn, pulled out of the bottom dresser drawer a pair of my favorite woolen socks, though it will warm up into the 70’s today and I may have to shed them, for now on this chilly morning they are perfect with my yoga pants and soft long sleeve shirt.

If you feel comfy and cozy and good in what you’re wearing it will totally effect how your day goes. So, here’s what I’m thinking…let’s go through our wardrobes and pull out everything that makes us feel, well, yucky…those pants that make me feel fat or the shirt that has the sleeves that just don’t quite reach long enough but are too long to be 3/4 length sleeves, or the color makes us feel blah…let’s pile each and every article of clothing that doesn’t make us feel great and bag it up and work with what’s left over. We can use the other stuff to make a quilt or cut up into scarves or donate it or paint on it, invite friends over for a clothing swap or whatever.

Seriously, it’s time to feel cozy and comfy and not be ruled by fashion or size or what’s trending, just dress in what makes you feel the very best. For me this chilly morning it’s my socks:D


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  1. gabi says:

    i love cozy socks! great post! I’m inspired to toss a few things, but like your idea of cutting them up for craft projects instead!

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