Morning Dew, the Bayou and Secret Dreams


The morning dew is still hanging in the air, the tomato plants are full with juicy tomatoes hanging from the branches in groups just waiting to be picked and enjoyed. The bell peppers are doing well as are the hot peppers. The humidity is thick in the air and makes you feel a bit damp and sticky but its okay, it’s summer after all. This kind of weather reminds me of the Bayou. I’ve never been to the Bayou, but I picture it all lush and damp and thick. Everything thick…thick air, thick trees, thick vines hanging from the trees…I’d like to go see for myself. Perhaps someday.

My secret dream is to write. I would love to live in a Victorian home with big doorways and glass door knobs and rag rugs. I want breezes wafting through the rafters and delicious aromas coming from the kitchen. I would write in this home, at a wooden table in front of the window that overlooked the street. Across the street would be more Victorian homes and through them a view of the Bay, from which the fog would roll in and the ding, ding, ding of the buoys would sound. At lunchtime everyday the bells of the big church down the hill would chime.  I would work but it wouldn’t be work, I’d be lost in my own world, the world I was creating in text as the hours passed by peacefully. My table would be uncluttered, only a small glass jar with one or two wildflowers in it, my computer, a cup of coffee (of course), a pad and pen and that’s it. What would I write about? I would write about life, my life and the life about me. Memories, the feel good, warm fuzzy things from childhood. I would write about whatever struck my fancy that day. I am an artist though and I cannot imagine my life without art. So, of course, I would still make art. Ideally, I could write and draw little books, which is pretty much what I am currently doing in my etsy shop. I love my little zines. One has sold already. Still, it’s got to be more than that, etsy is not enough to make a secure living. I am open to the opportunities out there though, so that’s good.

I love writing and I love drawing and mixing colors. I love wildflowers and children laughing. I love the sound of bare feet on hardwood floors, I love puppies and birds in flight and baking fresh bread from scratch. I love the look of white on white and I love color, lots and lots of colors. I love suitcases and trunks and boxes.

I think we should surround ourselves with things we love, things that help us to feel good, hopeful, inspired…and people that bring out the best in us, for me that’s my kids. I do what I do for them, for our future, but I need to do more, NOW. It is done, I said it, it’s reality. I need to get focused, I need to decide on what I am concentrating on. If I want to write, then I should write and submit and write and submit and write and submit…magazines, journals, greeting cards…I want to write and illustrate. Clarity, thou art my friend this morning:)


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